Can anyone suggest a good tool to create sequence diagrams


Using PlantUML, we can easily configure the components and can connect them also if we want to do any modification then that can easily be done by changing the line of code instead of modifying the di...

What is Git rebase and when to use it?


One of two Git utilities specializing in integrating changes from one branch to another is Rebase. Git merge is the other change integration utility. Merge is often a record of forwarding changing tra...

What is Elastic APM?


Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is built on top of the Elastic Stack to monitor the application performance. APM is useful for the real-time monitoring of application and software services. I...

What is Logstash?


Logstash is a data collection pipeline of Elastic Stack which is a utility to fetch data from different sources and send it to multiple sources. We can transform the data before sending it to the outp...

How can we take backup of Elasticsearch Cluster?


We can create the backup of Elasticsearch Cluster using the following steps:We first need to identify the directory location where we want to store the snapshot files. Let's say I want to store it in ...

How we can migrate a CSV file data into Elasticsearch?


We can read the CSV file data and can push it to Elasticsearch using Logstash and for that, we need to create a Logstash configuration file. You need to write the following expression in the Logstash ...

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