How can someone in India invest in US stocks?


We can open an overseas account with Indian brokerage companies. There are many full-service fund houses that provide the access to invest in foreign stocks. A few of them are IND Money, 5paisa, Veste...

What is smallcase and how it is different from mutual funds?


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Can I use my NPS Tier II account as savings account to earn higher interest?


I think NPS Tier 2 is a very good option if you compare it with FD or any other option. In the last three years, NPS Tier II account Scheme G has given an annualized return of 9.53% and in the last fi...

Does demonetization impact digital payments in India?


Demonetization in India is a great effort taken by Indian government to control black money and corruption. Due to the demonetization of online transactions have been increased significantly which are...

What are the benefits of investing in mutual funds ?


Mutual funds are an easy way for investors to gain the benefits of investing without having to do much research or analysis. Main advantages of mutual funds are as follows:DiversificationAffordability...

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