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    jitender yadav
    Mar 5, 2021, 6:02:52 AM |

    Yes we should, why I will explain in below points

    1. Money :  First of all we save a lot of money if u are not living on rent and went to your hometown or village then a lot of rent money is saved, transportation money saved, you eat a lot of things outside or in office canteen that money is saved. So overall you save a lot of money working from home.

    2. Time: - You don't need to worry about waking early to rush to office as you can be present in your home office straight from your bed, have a lot of time for your family, time you wasted in traffic can be used for other purposes.

    3. Food: if you are single and living away from family you have to compromise for good food so that problem is solved by working from home you can live with your family.

    4. Productivity: productivity is increased as you can work flexibly according to your comfort, so your Boss is also happy.

    I think these are enough points to continue working from home. And if everyone is happy then why to go office to do the work which can be done from home.

    Happy working from home.

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