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by Anurag Srivastava, Dec 25, 2018, 6:17:04 PM | 2 minutes

Apply transparent image background in GIMP

In this blog, I am going to explain how you can create a transparent background for an image. Many times we want to add the image on any web page or on any document but the image background create issues because of a different color it looks like a patch instead of fitting properly on the page. For these situations, we need to change the image background as transparent so that the image can be inserted on any color surface. I am going to explain how we can apply a transparent background in Gimp 2 on Ubuntu. For example, we have the following image:

Above image has a black background which is creating the problem as I want to insert it to a white page. Now let us see how we can make the background of this image as transparent. We need to do following in Gimp 2:

  • Open the image in Gimp 2.
  • From "Layer" menu select "Transparency" option and click on "Add Alpha Channel" option.
  • From toolbox options click on "Fuzzy Select Tool".
  • Now click anywhere on black background of the image. This will select the black background.
  • Now press delete button of the keyboard to delete the black background.
  • Now save the image by exporting it to a new file or overwrite the same image by clicking on the file menu link.

This way we can remove the background of the image to make it transparent, see below image:

In this was the black background of the above image has been removed and it is transparent now. This was just an example, you can change any background color into a transparent one as per your requirement. If you have any query then please drop your comments.

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