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by Chanchal Srivastava, Mar 29, 2020, 3:02:49 PM | 3 minutes |

A Quarantine Pause with Family :)

While going through the current situation and its effects throughout the world I have noticed one thing that people are becoming more sensitive towards their relations as they are getting much time to spend with their family and kids. Also, they have started understanding the fact that how much any relation is important instead of those unrealistic things which only come and goes.

Most of us are trying to take it positively and also enjoying this phase of life during this crucial situation just because they are with their loved ones. 

Everyone is realizing the strength of being together. I have seen some videos also on social media where people are saying that they are making this period a memorable one so that they are going to remember this throughout their life. It is because somehow they know that when they will go back into their "bhaagambhaag wali zindagi" once this pandemic will be over, they will not get much time to spend with their family members as much as they are doing right now. 

One more thing touched my heart today when I saw a video in which a girl was standing in her balcony and her neighbours were singing a birthday song for her from their houses as nobody is allowed to assemble and social distancing is advisable and is one of the precautionary methods to fight this COVID-19. After getting such overwhelming and unexpected wishes on her birthday the girl started crying as she has cancelled her birthday celebration because of the current situation. It shows that everyone wants to be with their loved and closed ones during their good and bad times. This is the only thing which is undeniable. 

Hence through this blog, I also want to spread this thought that please enjoy this period at your best. Be with your family and kids and make memories.  Take care of yourself and your family. Because this is the only thing which is going to be with you till your end. Not your job, your clients, your colleagues and of course not your boss is going to finish this journey with you.

Stay home. Stay safe.   :)

Please share your experience in the current situation and how you are living this quarantined phase of life.

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    Anurag Srivastava
    Mar 30, 2020, 12:22:49 PM

    Nice Blog :)

  • user image
    jitender yadav
    Mar 30, 2020, 12:54:25 PM

    Stay Home ! Stay Safe !

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